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Name Gameloft LIVE Points Description
To Be Continued?20Complete the Prologue on any difficulty.
Déjà Vu25Complete the Prologue on Extreme.
Storming The Sand25Complete Act 1 on any difficulty.
Last Sandstorm50Complete Act 1 on Extreme.
Cold Feet25Complete Act 2 on any difficulty.
Last Snowstorm50Complete Act 2 on Extreme.
Muy Caliente25Complete Act 3 on any difficulty.
Last Heatwave50Complete Act 3 on Extreme
Deep Scars60Complete the game on any difficulty.
Scarred For Life120Complete the game on Extreme.
Strike15Kill 4 enemies with one grenade.
Don\'t Waste \'Em15Kill 5 enemies with one ammo clip.
I Have No Favorite15Use 7 guns in one mission.
Stop Poking Me!15Stab 15 enemies in one mission.
I Never Miss30Finish a mission with better than 70% accuracy.
Alive15Finish a mission without dying on any difficulty.
Still Alive30Finish a mission without dying on Extreme.
Didn\'t See That One Coming15Kill 4 enemies while they are blinded by a single flash grenade.
Smile!15Get 5 killcams in one mission.
Stay On Target30Use less than 7 rockets during Mission 4.
Yes I Can15Kill first enemy with one shot during Mission 2.
I Don\'t Need That30Complete Mission 3 without using a sniper rifle.
Silent Partner30Complete Mission 7 without setting off an alarm.
Two Tanks With One Stone15Destroy 2 tanks with a single airstrike.
24 Carats15Find the Golden AK-47.
Noob15Complete 5 multiplayer games.
FPS Freak25Complete 50 multiplayer games.
Pure Pwnage50Complete 100 multiplayer games.
Multiplayer Master200Complete 500 multiplayer games.
Private First Class20Earn rank 4 (Private First Class) in multiplayer.
Sergeant20Earn rank 13 (Sergeant 1) in multiplayer.
Command Sergeant50Earn rank 37 (Command Sergeant) in multiplayer.
Four More Years!200Earn rank 72 (Chief Commander) in multiplayer.
Love My Pistols20Get 75 kills with Pistol class weapons in multiplayer.
Love My Shotguns20Get 100 kills with Shotgun class weapons in multiplayer.
Love My Rifles20Get 100 kills with Assault Rifle class weapons in multiplayer.
Love My SMGs20Get 100 kills with SMG class weapons in multiplayer.
Love My LMG20Get 100 kills with the M249 in multiplayer.
Love My Snipers20Get 100 kills with Sniper class weapons in miltiplayer.
Love My Rockets20Get 100 kills with the Rocket Launcher in multiplayer.
Love All My Guns!50Unlock all the achievements \"Love My. . .\"
Hurt Locker20Defuse 50 bombs in multiplayer.
Conquest20Capture 50 flags in multiplayer.
Killer20Get 100 kills in multiplayer.
Blood Thirsty50Get 500 kills in multiplayer.
Killing Machine200Get 2000 kills in multiplayer.
William Tell50Complete 100 headshots in multiplayer.
You\'ll Shoot Your Eye Out20Unlock the MN106 in multiplayer.
Gun Show50Unlock all MN106 models in multiplayer.
Hunting Wabbits50Unlock all weapons with a silencer in multiplayer.