Single Player-&nbsp The Army consists of Razor Squad, Delta Squad and Mustang Squads. You can have primary guns, secondary guns but no skills.

Razor Squad:

Razor squad is a four man squad. It consists of Sgt. McCarthy, Sgt. Anderson, Sgt. Rollins and Warrent Officer Starks. They mostly uses shotguns, and smgs.

Delta Squad:

Only appears in Oil Slick. Consists of "chief" (the player in Modern Combat: Sandstorm) Sgt. Rodriguez, etc. Mustang Squads: There are multiple squads in Mustang. Mostly you play with Mustang 1-4. The only other squad is mustang 1-6 and we know that because of this dialouge. "This is Mustang 1-4 for Mustang 1-6"

Multiplayer- The army in multiplayer is different from resistance in thes ways-

  • Armys flag is gray with a black pegasus unlike resistances red flag which has skull and crossbones.
  • Army tries to defuse the bomb while resistance protects it.
  • The army gets the Beneli M4 and Desert Eagle while resistance gets Spam 4 and Vulture.