Avalanache is a map included in MC2. It is snowy and one of the simpler maps. Avalanache supports all game modes and is usually used for CTF (Capture the Flag). Due to many factors, CTF at Avalanche tends to be very competitive. 



Note: This mostly applies to Capture the Flag. Edit


For sniping, as Resistance for CTF, usually behind the boulder and between the fence (pos. 1) is the best place to snipe. Pos. 2 is also very useful for sniping, but players must be able to quickscope. On the army side, anywhere on the mountain (Pos. 3 is best) allows for easy kills, but the player must have a good secondary weapon. Pos. 13 often used as a sniping location, but you must have flank protection and at least one other player at Pos. 4.


The best weapon to use for rushing is the AK-47 Silenced and MAC11 Silenced with +30% Speed. On Resistance, throw grenades at the two entrances (Pos. 4 & 5) often and never stop moving back and forth. Do the same on Army, except rushing through Pos. 5 is often easier. If a sniper is hiding behind Pos. 1, throw a flash and take cover behind and obstacle.


Idlers are players that tend to crouch behind an object and just fire from there. This is not camping.

Most idlers use the MN106 Silenced with +30% Assault Rifles Damage and often camp at Pos. 6 and 7 on Resistance and Pos. 8 and 9 on Army.


Used often only in CTF, but generally applies to all modes, these players camp behind an object (Resistance: Pos 10 & 11 and 11a, Army: 12 & 3) and, in CTF, guard the flag. These allow for easy kills, but also put you at risk next time the enemy attacks.

Wallbanging Edit

Probably the best map for Wallbanging, Avalanche features many obstacles that cannot be seen or walked, but shot through. The walls that can be shot through are: the big chunk of mass at the center of the map (Between pos. 4 and 5), the Rock formation (Pos. 9), and the wall with the fence into the Army spawn side. (Pos9)

Spawns Edit

Learning the spawns on this map is important if you want to become better at the game. Note: These rules were based on observaions but cannot be backed up with gamecode. Edit

1. Single spawn spots are combined into "spawn groups". Edit

2. When spawning in the same spawn spot, you always face the same direction.

3. In team based gamemodes, all spawn groups can have 3 states: Resistance State, Army State and Unassigned State.

4. Spawn groups change their state to the team of which a teammember enters the "spawn group" area, the groups are not affected by vision, grenades or dropped flags.

5. When a spawn group is claimed, the team will spawn in their newest claimed spawn group. If the spawn group in contested, the team will spawn at the spawn group, they have claimed the longest time ago, the "Origin Group"

6. Once all spawn groups are claimed by one team, the game picks 2 random spawn groups that are not "Origin Groups" and assigns them to the other team. (Widely known as "Spawn-Flip")


Now, let's get specific about the map Avalanche.

-There are 3 main Spawn groups that you should always be mindful of. Army spawn, resistance spawn and Middle Spawns. Being in control of 2 of these groups will give you great control of the spawns and you will be able to predict where the enemy is going to spawn. If the enemy get control of 2 of these, take them back by getting into vantage points to claim a specific area. (e.G Pos. 9 For the middle spawns)

-If you have taken 2 of these big groups, don't rush and try to take all of them. This will result in a "Spawn flip" and the enemy will have an easy time retaking certain positions and you will get flanked alot.

-Have one person patroling the middle area to lower the chances of losing important map control. If there is nobody doing this job, do it yourself. You will get alot of easy kills and you will almost never die because you have the control.


As mentioned above, I can't predict to 100% on how the spawns are going to be in every game but whenever I followed my rules, they always worked in my favor.