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""I wasn't important enough for a helicopter I suppose!"" -Azimi in 'To the embassy Pt.1'.

Azimi is a candidate for the Middle Eastern election to become president, but multiple obstacles fall in his path on his way to the embassy. You as Anderson must protect him at all costs. During To The Embassy Part 1 and To The Embassy Part 2 you must protect him with your life.

Later in Embassy Assault the embassy was invaded by terrorists and took him hostage. He was rescued by Rollins and Anderson. Although, when Rollins takes him to the garden to rendezvous with the team Azimi takes an AK-47 and takes Rollins hostage. Rollins uses the radio so the others can hear what they are saying. It becomes clear that Azimi has been reached by the terrorist cell and is now backing them, saying "You call us terrorists, but we are far worse." You reach rollins and Azimi attempts to fight you from on top of a balcony. You finish him of by setting of the C4 on the columns making him fall as McCarthy rescues Rollins from under the rubble.