Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 is a semi-automatic shotgun featured in Modern Combat 2 as a primary weapon. It is a favored firearm in close combat maps, such as Facility. The Benelli M4 is unlocked at level 13 in multiplayer. It is rather powerful but weak at ranges, as all shotguns are. The visual recoil on this weapon is high. The projectiles fired from this gun simply disappear at a certain range, making it incapable of hitting distant targets. Some shotgun shells are stored on the left hand side of the weapon, making reloading slightly faster. An interesting thing to note is, even if you run out of ammunition, the shotgun shells still appear at the side of the weapon. The shotgun has a pistol grip and full shoulder stock. When you are playing as the Resistance, it becomes the SPAM-4, which is matte black and much sleeker looking. it has a slight change to the sights, making them resemble those of the S1 Custom.


- powerful at close range

- moderate movement speed

- multiple projectiles increase the chance of hitting a target

- faster rate of fire than the S1 Custom


- ineffective at farther ranges

- the tubular magazine inside the weapon only holds a total of 4 shells, making reloading very often. It is a neccesity to keep weapon topped up at all times

- reloading is also rather slow, you reload one shell at a time

- high recoil

- at such close ranges that you need to be at to be effective with this gun, you are vulnerable to knife melees and grenades dropped from enemies who throw a grenade before death. However, this applies to all shotguns.


Use the Movement Speed or the Shotgun Damage(or even accuracy) skills to increase the effectiveness of this weapon. Camping with this weapon is plausible and a decent strategy, though it is looked down upon. The regular reload time of the Benelli M4 exposes a defenseless player in the event that the entire four shell magazine fails to kill an enemy or additional enemies appear. The long reload time can be greatly reduced with the use of the Faster Reload skill.