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The Beretta M9 family of pistols are sidearms/secondary weapons in Modern Combat 2. There are two Beretta M9s in the Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus online multiplayer. There is also a re-skinned M9, known as the NX8 handgun. The NX8 is identical in all regards except for cosmectic changes. The M9 has the highest magazine capacity of all the pistols and has the lowest recoil. Both pistols are the have the same amount of ammo except the other Beretta is suppressed. The magazine capacity of the pistol is 15 rounds of ammunition.


The basic Beretta 92FS has a very high magazine capacity, low recoil, very low damage, and suffers from a lack of far range accuracy. This weapon is decent at close ranges. This weapon is often overlooked for either a SMG or Desert Eagle due to the need for a fully automatic sidearm or a more powerful weapon.


- practically no recoil

- high capacity magazine

- fast movement speed

- relatively high accuracy

- the silenced M9 has accuracy that rivals the Dradonitch

- higher damage per bullet than automatic weapons

- aiming down the iron bead sights provides you with a zoomed in, mostly unblocked field of view thanks to the pistol's slim profile and small sights


- lower damage than the Desert Eagle

- low rate of fire compared to fully automatic weapons

- the iron sights aren't too accurate

Beretta 92FS SilencedEdit

A Beretta 92FS with a silencer attachment, it is weaker than basic M9 but more than makes up for it with superior accuracy. It becomes a viable strategy to use this weapon with the Pistol Damage skill and "snipe" with this weapon. With loss of power but with accuracy that rivals sniper rifles, the weapon functions as a effiecient medium range-long range weapon. It is also a great weapon for obtaining headshots, even when hip-firing, as a headshot is a one hit kill. It is a good idea to pair this sidearm with a shotgun if you need to be able to engage opponents at longer ranges than the shotgun is capable of.