Capture the Flag is a game mode where the objective is to capture the enemy flag while attempting to defend yours.


  • It is recommended that the player use SMGs or even ARs when capturing the flag, as both providemobility and are powerful at close range. Handguns also work well in terms of mobility.
  • A very useful skill while playing Capture the Flag is the Movement Speed skill. Also the armour perk is nice so you wont get killed as easy.
  • This is one of the better game moded to camp because you can expect the enemy to move towards your flag.
  • Flashbangs are particularly useful as you can swoop in, steal the flag and make an exit inside the duration of the flashbang's effect, providing there are no explosives or direct campers in the vicinity. Team co-ordination is vital in this game-mode. Although, it is possible to go solo so that the enemy team doesn't suspect anyone until you grabbed their flag. Movement Speed skill is recommended.
  • A tactic to ensure an easy getaway is to quickly rush in and grab the flag and then rush out through a good bottleneck. Defenders may then pursue, so once the player has exited the bottleneck they should turn around and toss a grenade and then continue on their way.
  • Be careful when it seems no one on the other team is guarding their flag, as they may be capturing your flag.
  • Always have someone guarding your base, snipers are particullary desireable for this important job.
    Mission 1

    AR AK-47

    IMG 0029

    SMG MP5