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Defuse the bomb is an online mode. It splits you into five man teams. The army have to defuse the bomb while the resistance have to protect it from defusion. The mode is one by (If you are army) defusing the bomb successfully before the time runs out, giving you an extra 200 XP on top of what you have received in the mission, or by (if you are resistance) stopping the Army from defusing the bomb until the bomb goes off, respectively giving you the extra 200 XP on top.

Protecting the bombEdit

Protecting the bomb gives you a greater chance of generating XP, as killing the enemy is part of the protecting. You can kill oblivious enemies running on the bomb. It is made harder when the enemy have secured the perimeter.

Goals; • Protect the bomb (duh) • Kill all enemies • secure the spawn locations

Defusing the bombEdit

Defusing the bomb requires a rush to the bomb, in which you receive some XP and then stay in the perimeter while the bomb defuse line gets full. The more of you defusing, the faster it will defuse. However, the other side will be trying to stop you, so you'll need to be battle ready. It's a mix of speed and protection, requiring you to make it to the bomb, watching out for any enemies waiting for you, then defending yourself and your friends whilst defusing.

Goals; • Defuse the bomb • defend whilst defusing • Secure perimeter around the bomb