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The Desert Eagle is a handgun in Modern Combat 2. The Desert Eagle appears in Modern Combat 2 as one of the two handguns available in game, being the most powerful one. The Desert Eagle can be obtained during the campaign mission 'Oil Slick' and you start with it in 'Palace Invasion'. The Desert Eagle is unlocked at Rank 10. Also, if you play as Resistance, there will be a blue digitial camoflauge added to the slide. The new weapon is categorized as 'Vulture' in the weapon selection menu.

Golden PistolEdit

A Desert Eagle with 24 karat gold plating. It is the same as a normal desert eagle except with 30% more damage. Combining it with the skill 30% damage will result in a 1 headshot kill in mid range to close range and 2 hit kill on the body. This weapon is unlocked at Rank 71.


  • Very powerful pistol; it can kill in one headshot at close range, and two in the stomach to chest region.
  • High hip-fire accuracy
  • Fast Movement Speed
  • High reserve ammo (90 in latest update)


  • Low magazine capacity of just 7 rounds
  • High recoil
  • Slow Rate of Fire
  • Cannot be fitted with a silencer