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The Dradonitch is a semi-automatic Designated Marksman Rifle/Sniper Rifle featured in Modern Combat 2. It is based on the Russian Dragunov Designated Marksman Rifle. The Dragunov itself is based on the AK-47 assault rifle which can be noted through some similiar design details observed in game. The Dradonitch is unlocked at level 14 in multiplayer. In multiplayer, this gun is more popular among intermediate players, people who have unlocked the Dradonitch but have not unlocked the Sniper Damage skil due to the high rate of fire compared to that of the M40A3's. It takes 2-3 shots to the body to kill an opponent and 1-2 shots to the head. With Sniper Damage equipped it takes 2 body shots instead of 3. and 1 shot to the head to kill. The Dradonitch is saved under the name SVD in the game files.


  • 10 rounds of ammunition per magazine (high amount of ammunition for a sniper rifle)
  • The Dradonitch is semi-automatic and thus allows continuous, rhythmic fire while aiming
  • The Dradonitch has a higher rate of fire than the M40A3
  • The gun itself is accurate but not quite as accurate as the M40A3
  • Low recoil (compared to standard AK-47)
  • Bullets do a lot of damage each, combined with the high rate of fire, the rifle is deadly if consecutive shots are fired quickly
  • The Dradonitch can be hip fired at an enemy effectively in emergency close range situations, if you can accurately guess where the shots will land


  • Not extremely accurate (a miss drastically increases the opponent's chance to counter fire.
  • The gun does not have an aiming recticule while in hip fire mode.
  • Not as powerful as M40A3.
  • Due to the low usage of the gun and intrinsic tendency for inaccuracy, you will, unless you stay vigilant in your conservation, run out of bullets quick.


Like all sniper rifles, this weapon is better at long range. Therefore, it is recommended to either camp with the gun or stay behind your team while attacking enemies to remain safer. However, as in all multiplayer games, camping may be viewed as disdainful, so superior firing positions should be located. After locating at least 2, the player should move back and forth from these positions.