The Flash Grenade is a grenade used in Modern Combat 2. It temporarily blinds anyone affected by with a white light and leaves a "ringing" sound in the victim's ears. Flashbangs are the only special grenade available to the player in Mutliplayer mode. They can be restocked by picking up special Grenade Boxes. They are vital in higher difficulty levels, as enemies cannot throw them back and they can give the player enough time to either recover from an attack or eliminate key enemies, which can save the player in certain situations. In multiplayer, flashbangs are unlocked at rank 9.


The Flashbang grenade can be effectively used on a defended location or around a corner. Flashbangs will detonate seconds after being thrown. They cannot be cooked. If the target is close enough or looking at the detonation site from a distance, they will be temporarily blinded and deafened. The target’s reaction is still in real time so they can move forward or backpedal to evade, however, they cannot sprint while affected. They can still fire and knife normally, making any enemy in front of them a potential kill. Affected targets will raise an arm to cover their eyes, signaling to the player that they are blinded.

Because it only affects players' vision if they are facing towards it, a viable tactic is to turn away before it detonates or to duck behind cover. Keep in mind that this only works at the outer edges of the grenade's blast radius; a player who is close to the grenade's detonation will be blinded no matter where he looks. Also note that the flashbang's effective radius is cut short by any wall or obstruction, regardless of how much cover it provides. For example, a low wall will defend against a flashbang, even though the grenade is still completely visible.

Usefull when taking on groups of people when not wanting to waste Ammo/gernades

One use of Flashbangs is to bombard a flag capture point with them, due to the high probability of enemies (as they mostly spawn within the area) and running away with their flag while throwing extra flashbangs behind while team-mates engage the enemy.