The Frag Grenade is a small hand-held anti-personnel weapon in Modern Combat 2. It was designed to be thrown, and then explode within 3 seconds. Most grenades are only useful against infantry, though some can be used for anti-vehicular use. The Frag Grenade in Modern Combat 2 explodes in 3 seconds.


The fragmentation grenade can be used in several situations; learning how to effectively arc(take note gernades have range limit), and bounce a grenade can make a player highly lethal. Experienced gamers know the "hotspots" (where players are most likely to be.) of each map and will utilize this knowledge accordingly. If aimed properly, throwing the grenade up in the air will cause it to land on the path where enemies are still sprinting to gain a field advantage. This tactic could possibly end up in multiple kills, sometimes eviscerating two or even three opponents. Sometimes players will, as a last resort, throw a grenade before death at an enemy in a attempt to take them down.