Hacking is a rare occurrence in modern combat 2 since the update, yet there still is still a few people who appear to manage the task. Hackers are, as common opinion states, a way for non-skilled players to get somewhere, or why else hack on nothing more than an iPhone game? MC2 was almost destroyed at one point from these people, who were near impossible to kill. However, Gameloft after popular demand released an update, stopping alot of hackers from doing squat but play properly.

Speed RunningEdit

The most common, speed running allowed players to sprint around the map, giving enemies no chance. This can still be seen on some matches, the only one to survive the update. Grenades can help on maps like facility to take them down. Speed hacks are often used with the MAC11 Silenced. The M9 Silenced is a way to make them faster. The M249 with the infinite hack is a pretty deadly combination.    


Aimbots were the next common hack, yet probably the most annoying. Anyone around the hacker will be automatically pelted with bullets. Very few people have managed to take down Aimbots and that is usually with a grenade. Having this and speed running means you are screwed, quite often causing empty lobbies. Aimbots didn't survive the updates, thank god.

Barrier HackEdit

This least common allowed people to walk through some walls and kill any passers by. This was the most rare, but if you ever got shot out of nowhere, that would of been where. People without this couldn't shoot through the wall at them, so they counted as safe from fire, although in some places you can shoot at them, shown by your crosshairs going red. It is unknown if this survived, but probably not.

After the updateEdit

Lobbies became more full afterwards and anyone with "Hacker/Hackr" etc., in their name would be a popular target from the other side.