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MN106 Red Dot in jungle.

is a multiplayer map featured in Modern Combat 2. This map is set in the jungle and has already become something of a fan favorite. It consists partly of ruins and huts. The map caters to all types of gameplay, from ranged combat to close quarters and everywhere in between. However, there are a few exposed perches with long lines of sight to support sniping, and the rocks and crates provide plenty of cover. "Jungle" supports all game modes.


Recommended WeaponsEdit




The Jungle actually caters to Long and close range combat. The middle of the map is consistently the busiest portion of the map, but it's for good reason. Above, there's a second story that provides some of the most varied and valuable sight lines available, and it's a key location to hold if you're looking to win, though look behind regularly incase of any enemies. It is also smart to have a player camping next to the door so that the player on the ledge is protected.