Thanks to xMithos for this wonderful guide that is also his gaming name.

Kill/Death Ratio Guide:Edit

Kill/Death Ratio utilizes a formula which is Kill/Death, Kill over Death.

You can descry the formula right below this sentence.


The formula for K/D Ratio.

For Example:

If I had 9 kills, and 3 deaths, my K/D Ratio will be 3.00.


Modern Combat 2:Black Pegasus K/D Ratio:Edit

There is numerous ways to decrease, and increase your K/D Ratio.

Ways to increase it:Edit

  • Get more kills, and get less deaths than you consistently get.
  • You can camp to get a higher K/D Ratio but many people would not approve this.
  • If you get better scores by being offensive, be offensive. It can be the opposite as well.
  • Play defensive because people consistently get better scores this way.
  • In Defuse the Bomb (DtB), say you were protecting the bomb, always stay near the bomb because someone has to go try to defuse it, thus, allowing you to have an advantage agaisnt the enemy.
  • In Defuse the Bomb (DtB), say you were defusing the bomb, always try to throw grenade(s) near the bomb or around the bomb because there is consistently someone protecting the bomb.
  • In Capture the Flag (CtF), try staying close or be able to detect your flag because an enemy will try to capture it, thus, you can kill him when/while he is running with the flag, or going towards the flag.
  • Finally, you can also increase your K/D Ratio by boosting which is considered noobish by many people.

Ways to decrease it:Edit

  • Get more deaths than kills.
  • "Hiding" in a open spot.
  • Exposing your backside.
  • Acting like a pro and charging in.