Conversion by Ramoola. Thanks to any others who created the original source data. Edit

Requirement Kill Signature
[Default]Better luck next time!
[Default]I'm sorry, did I kill you?
[Default]Have a nice day!
[Default]You need a haircut!
[Default]Don't be mad at me!
Get 50 KillsJust doing my job!
Get 100 KillsToo easy for me!
Get 250 KillsThanks for the XP.
Get 500 KillsYou got schooled!
Get 1000 KillsGive me a challenge!
Get 5000 KillsPwned!
Die 25 TimesI know the feeling. . .
Die 100 TimesI'm just a newbie!
Die 500 TimesI used to die a lot, too!
Get 25 HeadshotsEasy target!
Get 100 HeadshotsIn your face!
Get 500 HeadshotsYour head was in the way.
Perform a 2 KillchainNot luck. . . skillz!
Perform a 3 KillchainDon't try this at home.
Perform a 4 KillchainThat was EPIC!
Steal 10 FlagsCatch me if you can.
Defuse 10 BombsI'm an expert.
Kill 100 players with the knifeI'm the butcher!
Kill 100 players with the RPGBOOM!
Kill 100 players with the M249BBQ Time!
Kill 100 players with any SMGBang! Bang! You're dead!
Kill 100 players with any PistolSilent killer. It's me.
Kill 100 players with any SniperCall me camper.
Kill 100 players with any AssaultI'm a professional.
Kill 100 players with any ShotgunPiece of cake.
Reach Rank 5Target down!
Reach Rank 10Watch your back!
Reach Rank 15I'm on fire!
Reach Rank 20I RULE
Reach Rank 25Ready, Set, Dead!
Reach Rank 30Out of control!
Reach Rank 35LOL
Reach Rank 40Rare, Medium, or Well-done?
Reach Rank 45No offense <3
Reach Rank 50I'm so awesome!
Reach Rank 55Mad Man!
Reach Rank 60Total carnage!
Reach Rank 65La crème de la crème!
Reach Rank 70I\'m the General of the Army!

Also, bear in mind that if you remove the game from your phone and reinstall it, your kill signatures are reset to default and you have to earn them again. This may be a bug, but they are not transferred via your Gameloft account.