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The M249 is a fully automatic firearm featured in Modern Combat 2. Also known as the Belgian FN Minimi, this weapon was adopted by the US Army as a Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) and as a vehicle mounted weapon. In single-player, the M249 LMG is used by the Mustangs . The weapon is can be found in "To the Embassy pt. 1", and both bunker missions.


- Very high rate of fire.

- Each shot (two round burst) does more damage than either of the assault riffles bullets damage.

- The belt fed link magazine has a capacity of 100 rounds of ammunition.

- Very accurate when using the sights.

- Quick kills.


- The weapon itself slows down your character a great deal.

- While aiming down the sights, moving your view is rather slow, allowing enemies to pass your point of aim.

- The gun blocks a large portion of your right hand view in hip fire mode.

- The reloading time is extremely long, although the high capacity of the chain link magazine reduces the times you need to reload.

- Not very accurate hip fire.


A favored multiplayer tactic is to use the skill 'Accuracy' with the weapon. Its incredibly high rate of fire combined with superb accuracy is more than adequate in most situations. The skill 'Reload Time' also helps with the very long reloading time. And another one used quite frequently with this gun is 20%, 30% LMG damage because its damage is already high adding more makes it very deadly.

Another tactic is to use the gun while camping in a enclosed location. Make sure enemies cannot assault you from behind and just camp there. This tactic gets rid of the need to use the guns low movement speed.