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The M40A3 is a bolt-action sniper rifles featured in Modern Combat 2. In single player, the M40A3 is one of the most powerful weapons (in terms of damage) the player can acquire. The M40A3 is found in the levels "Embassy Assult","To the Embassy Pt.1" and "The Great Escape Pt.2", limiting its use. It is the first sniper rifle to be unlocked, and as with all sniper rifles it is best used at a long range. It is unlocked at rank 4, and is a favorite among experienced and inexperienced players alike. The M40A3 is one of two sniper rifles, the other one being the Dradonitch. It has a 5 round magazine that is loaded through a stripper clip, the preceder of current firearms magazine.


  • High Damage
  • High Accuracy
  • Decent movement
  • Useful for one-shot one-kills 


  • Slow rate of fire
  • Magazine has a maximum capacity of 5 rounds of ammunition
  • There is a 'jump' between shots due to the fact that the rifle is bolt action and your character model is cycling the bolt.


The M40A3 has one disadvantage that other sniper rifles do not have; it is comparatively difficult to use without 'Sniper Damage', the M40A3 is a one-shot kill only to the head and neck, and its rate of fire is too low to reliably two-shot kill. This makes it one of the weakest sniper rifles without sniper damage, and means that Sniper Damage is practically a necessity. With the 20%-30% Sniper Damage equipped, a body shot is also an instant kill. Although this can be prevented with 30% extra health.

An advanced tactic is to learn and master quick-scoping.(Before you try this it's recommended that you turn the sensitivity up, in the controls menu). Move about the map carefully and whenever you see an opponent, tap the scope button and take a shot at the foe's upper torso or head. After you have confirmed the kill or need to retreat, quickly scope out and continue to your objective, whether it be another enemy or a flag. Most likely, your opponent will be unable to kill you with his weapon before you have placed the shot. (Also another technique is to press the reload button right after you fire) This strategy combines the accuracy and the one hit kill power of the M40A3 with the mobility equal to most assault rifles. Quick-scoping a foe moving in a lateral direction to you is usually hard, especially if they are using a movement boost, this is the field most quick-scopers need to practice at.