The M9 (Beretta 92FS) is the standard US Army sidearm. It replaced the Colt M1911A1 in active service in the 1980s, and fires 9mm rounds from a 15 round magazine.


The M9 is the "basic" pistol: it has average magazine capacity, weak bullets, semi-automatic operation, and short effective range. Generally players will choose the Desert Eagle over the M9 for it's longer range and ability to kill a player in two or three shots. However, the Desert Eagle is heavier than the M9, the sights are slightly more awkward, and it has less than half the capacity of the M9, as well as a slightly decreased rate of fire. The M9, while not very damaging, is lightweight and available in a silencer.


  • 15 round magazine.
  • Very light.
  • Can mount a silencer.
  • As a pistol, it has very quick reload.


  • Very weak rounds.
  • Short range.


The M9 is not a very easy to use pistol; however, it is the lightest gun in the game, and very quiet with a silencer, so those rare players who prefer to be stealthy and save ammo by knifing can find this invaluble, especially in 1 on 1 games. Equip the running speed perk, then hide and wait for an opponent to run past. (This works best when in Warehouse or Facility) The M9 is incredibly light, so catching up to them is a matter of a few seconds. If you want to shoot them instead, go ahead, provided you are behind them using a silencer. In my experience, 90% percent of players, when shot, will not turn around and instead keep running. While this makes me very concerned about the quality of players these days, it makes pistol kills much easier to achieve. Other than that, there is almost no use for the M9 that I know of, except for embarresing people when they get killed by the weakest weapon in the game.


When playing as resistance, the M9 becomes the NX8, which has the same stats but visually is tan camo.