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Technically considered machine pistols, the MAC-11 and its silenced version are fully automatic secondary weapons that are effective at close range. They are sidearms capable of firing pistol ammunition in fully automatic mode. The clip capacity of the MAC-11's is 32 rounds of ammunition. Though it is depicted with a folding shoulder stock in game, the character models never appear to use it to their advantage. The MAC-11 has unique recoil while aiming down the sights; it has fixed recoil.


-very high rate of fire, which allows the player to kill opponents much more quickly at close ranges. All other weapons are outlclassed in this range except for the shotguns, M249, and RPG-7.

-relatively large clip capacity(32 rounds)

-faster movement speed(slighlty)

-this weapon is a useful sidearm for snipers, people who use the RPG-7, and MN106(non-silencer) as it allows them to engage targets at close range more effectively

-moderate bullet damage at close ranges


- the normal MAC-11 is not very accurate, even at closer ranges

- aiming down the sights and firing at a distant target is rather difficult, because of it's unique recoil

- the weapon is very weak at long and medium ranges as well, coupled with it's inaccuracy, it makes for a ineffective weapon at those ranges

-usually around a full magazine to down a target due to the high rate of fire so constant reloading is required.

-very low damage, so damage perk is almost necessary to use properly.


When you are in small map, as well as 'facility', and doing the flag,

you can choose slienced MAC10 with 20% movement.

This makes very fast, like an infiltrator, and very powerful if you are keeping your aim to head,

more than most of M249 players and some of shotgun players.