There are three modifications for the MN106 in the Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus online multiplayer. All MN106s has the same overall design and clip capacity of 30 rounds of ammunition. Except for the different attachments such as the Red Dot sight, Camouflage hand-guards or the Silencer/Suppressor. These rifles are based on the Colt M16A4 rifle in real life.

In the single player campaign, the MN106 is available with a combination of mods; R.D.S. denotes Red Dot Silenced and C.R.D.S. denotes Camouflaged Red Dot Silenced.


MN106 Normal

The normal MN106

A basic MN106. It pocceses far less recoil than the AK-47. However, the damage is reduced. It takes 6 to 10 rounds to kill at the body, and 2 to 4 rounds aiming at the head, depending on your range. It also has the standard aperture sights or iron sights.

MN106 Red DotEdit

IMG 4715

The MN106 Red Dot

A MN106 Red Dot is a normal MN106 but with a Red Dot sight. It is unlocked at Rank 24. It has increase long range abilities, which allows players to aim farther, and reduced recoil. It also has a slightly increased rate of fire over the normal MN106.  However, you will find the damage that it deals will decrease.

MN106 CamouflagedEdit

MN106 Camo

MN106 Camouflage

A MN106 with iron sights and a camouflage design on it's hand-guard. It is approximately two times more powerful that the basic MN106 and MN106 Red Dot.* Depending on the range, it only takes 1 to 10 body shots to kill an opponent, while it takes 1 to 4 head shots to kill an opponent. It is unlocked at Rank 34.

  • The new update increases the amount of damage the MN106 Camo does.

MN106 SilencedEdit

MN106 Silenced

MN106 Silenced at Facility.

A MN106 with a silencer. It is unlocked at Rank 44 and has less recoil and more accuracy than the AK-47 Silenced, but also fires slower. It is often equipped with +30% Assault Rifle Damage, allowing for easy 3 to 4 shot kills. Alone, however, it is weaker than the AK-47 Silenced. 

MN106 Red Dot CamoEdit


MN106 Red Dot Camo.

The MN106 Red Dot Camo was not included in MC2 Multiplayer and can only be found in campaign. It is like Red Dot but with a Camo scheme. It can be found in To the Summit Pt. 1 & 2 in Act 2 of Campaign mode.