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The MP5 is a Sub-Machine Gun featured in Modern Combat 2. In single-player, the MP5 can be found frequently, being used by the Razor Squad the missions, Embassy Assault, Palace Invasion and Shanty Town. The silenced version can be found in The Great Escape Pt. 2. In multiplayer, the MP5 is available at level 17, and can be equipped with a Silencer.


  • Decent accuracy
  • Quick Efficient Damage
  • Good Rate of Fire
  • Moderate Movement Speed
  • Good iron sight


  • Medium Recoil
  • Low damage and accuracy at longer ranges.

Tactics Edit

Most use this weapon as a fully auto sidearm with weapons like RPG and sniper. But you have little chance against a LMG or asault rifle, NEVER try to use this weapon long distance. You will be noticed and sniped with ease as the low damage of the weapon will not kill the target fast enough. The best strategy with MP5 is to use this with LMG and the speed perk, that way your not a complete sloth with LMG, and with MP5 your a flash, allowing you to strafe better and get behind oponents. Remember, always try to strafe and get behind slow oponents, never allow yourself to get into a tight space where you cant strafe.

The MP5 is most useful in corridor situations. The high rate of higher is only rivalled by the M249 and MAC-11s.