The MP5 Silenced is a Sub-Machine Gun featured in Modern Combat 2. The silenced version can be found in The Great Escape Pt. 2. In multiplayer, the MP5 is available at level 19, and can be equipped with a Silencer. In level 48/Captain III/255,000 XP, you can unlock the MP5 Silenced.

IMG 0029

This is the MP5 with no silencer.


  • The MP5 Silenced has better accuracy than the standard MP5 due to its silencer.
  • The MP5 Silenced is better in long ranged maps rather than the basic MP5.
  • Fire Rate is Medium-High.
  • Quick reload but not the quickest.
  • Very low recoil
  • Silencer makes it so only your target and people who see the target are aware of you.


  • The bullets are weaker than the MP5 because of the silencer
  • Lov effectivness in CQB
  • The ironsights are still hard to use.

Strategies with MP5 Silenced:Edit

This weapon can be a good weapon and it can also be a bad weapon. It will be very hard to kill if the enemy had the M249, an Assault Rifle, or a shotgun at their hands. It can also be a bad weapon if your in a close range battle. It can be a good weapon if you get someone off-guard with it, or you are behind them. Its also good at long ranged because of its better accuracy. It is better if you used its iron sights with it at long ranges. Its a hard weapon to use while hip firing technique. Its a bad weapon if the enemy has a gun that has a high fire rate.