The Mustang Squad are specialized, elite American infantry special operations forces capable of conducting direct action operations. They are based in Europe. The Mustangs are a infantry unit that can deploy rapidly and are trained to be extremely flexible in the special missions they are assigned, specializing in airborne assaults (both by helicopter and parachute).


Prominent MembersEdit

  • Captain Turner - Leader of the Mustangs
  • Private Downs - appears to act as a field commander after escaping from prison along with Newman at the beginning of the game. He is Newman's right-hand man
  • Private Newman - Playable character who participates in the Mustang's most notable missions. He singled handedly captured Nikkitich, which led them to Popovich. But he and Downs were captured again when going after Popovich, and they managed to escape.

Other MembersEdit

  • Specialist Davis - Participated in 'To the Summit Pt.1'
  • Private Chen - Participated in both of the 'Track the Supplier' Missions


Assault RiflesEdit

  • MN106 C.R.D.S

Machine GunsEdit

  • M249


  • S1 Custom


  • Beretta M9
  • Desert Eagle


  • Knife