• Team Deathmatch
  • Deathmatch (Free for All)
  • Defuse the Bomb
  • Capture the Flag


In team deathmatch you are split up into two groups- resistance and army. The team that gets to a set number of kills wins.

In deathmatch your on your own. The whole point is to get as many kills and little deaths as possible. The person that gets to the set number of kills wins.

In defuse the bomb you are once again split up into army and resistance. The resistance are defending the bomb which has a timer on it. The army is trying to defuse it by standing next to it for a long time. The timer is going backwards and if it gets to the end the resistance wins. The defuse is going forwards if it gets to the end before the bomb timer runs out the army has succesfully stopped the bomb and has won.

In capture the flag you are again split up into army and resistance each eam has a flag at certain points the resistances is red the armys is gray. I f you walk over the enemys flag you have captured the flag you now have to bring it back to your flag. If you see your flag stranded somewhere because an enemy has dropped it walk over it to automatically return it to its designated point.

XP earnings

Kill: 50 XP

Headshot: 75 XP

Start defuse: 50 XP

Stop defuse: 50 XP

Capture enemy flag: 50 XP

Return your flag: 25 XP

First Blood: 75 XP

Score in CTF: 100 XP

Payback: 50 XP

Assist: 25 XP

Venegance: 50 XP

Match winner: 200 XP