""Ok, let's do this!"" -Barklon in 'Oil slick'.

Private Barklon is a member of Delta Squad. He is in the boat at the start along with later on in the mission, where he is killed. Unlike all other deaths (excluding Pvt. Cheng), his depends on the players actions.


As you come around a corner in the level 'Oil slick', you see Barklon on his knees with an enemy behind him with an AK-47. Barklon begs for his life but the enemy shows no sympathy. You can do one of the following;

• If you shoot the guard before he kills Barklon, then Barklon will thank you and make a run with you up the hall until you reach a closed door. Barklon will be killed by a bomb trap on the door when he tries to kick it open.

• If you don't save him in time, then Barklon will get shot in the head and the enemy will turn on you. After you kill the enemy, a soldier will break through a door and tell you that you can go back for him (Which makes no sense as he's dead) and then he will run up to the door and die in Barklons place.


• If you look at the position of Barklons body if killed by the bomb trap, his head is sticking through the wall.

• He says "I thought I was a goner on this one." this hints that he and Warrens had done ops before together.

• Barklon has no plot armour in this scene, so you can kill him with a grenade at any point. His body will fall into the same position as his shot one and the soldier will break through the door and, as usual, get killed in his place