Private Newman is a playable character and the secondary protagonist of the campaign in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. Newman is introduced in the first mission 'The Great Escape, serving alongside Private Downs in the Mustang Squad. His face is never shown in the game.


Newman is sent with Downs on missions involved with operation Troika. They are in charge of taking down middle men in the terrorist organisation. However the whole of mustang squad gets captured when a decoy is used when they believe they have Pablo. Anderson gets tortured by Pablo but is rescued by Downs. Both of them escape when Downs sends a message. They get rescued and provide Razor squad with the location of Pablos villa


• He is the only playable charecter who appears without gloves for a mission.

• In 'Great escape Pt.1', he gets shot at the end, however, in 'Great escape Pt.2', he is perfectly recovered.

• There is an unknown character model in online maps 'Jungle', 'Temple', 'Avalanche' and all other online maps based on mustangs that could be Newman. The others being Downs, Chen and Davis.