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The RPG-7 (rocket propelled grenade) is the only RPG featured in Modern Combat 2. In single-player, it is often used by enemies. It can be used to destroy Tanks, trucks and helicopters and ammo is often available. In multiplayer, the weapon is unlocked at level 19. The weapon itself has flip-up iron sights. Capable of killing clusters of enemies with just one hit, it is rather powerful but has many drawbacks that reduce its effectiveness. The weapon has to be reloaded after every shot and you only start off with a grand total of 3 rockets. ==


- on direct contact with target, it is a one hit kill

- capable of splash damage

- can hit more than one target

- accurate, even in hip fire mode


- in multiplayer, you only start of with 3 rockets. Make each rocket count.

- incredibly slow movement plagues your character, making you vulnerable to all sorts of threats

- the explosion from the projectile can injure and/or kill you.

- the projectile is rather slow, you will have to lead your shot when aiming at moving targets

- no aiming recticule while in hip fire mode

- the reloading is long and the reloading sound can be heard from a distance

- splash damage from this weapon is never a one hit kill on multiplayer, only if the target is injured before will it result in a succesfull kill


Aim the RPG-7 at the ground near the player's enemy, the ground the enemy is standing on, or at a wall near where the enemy is standing. This is the highest possibility of getting a kill with the RPG-7 and works very well in taking out enemies that are close to each other. As the RPG-7 is highly inaccurate at long-range, this will most likely get a kill or more for close- to mid-range targets. Use higher ground; even if the projectile misses, it will still explode on the ground, increasing your chances of injuring them. If you are even/lower ground with your target and the projectile misses, it will continue on, due to the fact that it won't collide with the ground, until it collides with something, potentially a teammate. Some players choose to just run into the enemy's area and just fire it close range killing or hurting themselves and enemies.