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Rank No. Rank Title XP Required Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Genades Skills Kill Signature
1Private I0AK47Beretta M9+1 Frag Grenade (1 Total)
2Private II300S1 Custom
3Private III750Mac11
4Private First Class I1500M40A3
5Private First Class II2250Target down!
6Private First Class III3000M249
7Specialist I3750+50% max ammo
8Specialist II4500Desert Eagle
9Specialist III6000+1 Flash Grenade (1 Total)
10Corporal I7500Watch your back!
11Corporal II9000MN106
12Corporal III10500+15 reload speed
13Sergeant I12000Benelli M4
14Sergeant II13500Dradonitch
15Sergeant III15000I'm on fire!
16Staff Sergeant I22500+1 Frag Grenade (2 Total)
17Staff Sergeant II30000MP5
18Staff Sergeant III37500-20% Recoil
19Sergeant First Class I45000RPG7
20Sergeant First Class II48000I RULE
21Sergeant First Class III51000+10% Movment Speed
22Master Sergeant I54000+1 Flash Grenade (2 Total)
23Master Sergeant II57000+25% Accuracy
24Master Sergeant III60000MN106 Red Dot
25First Sergeant I67500Ready, Set, Dead!
26First Sergeant II75000+25% Health Regen
27First Sergeant III82500+1 Frag Grenade (3 Total)
28Sergeant Major I90000Beretta M9 Silenced
29Sergeant Major II97500+10% Max Health
30Sergeant Major III105000Out of control!
31Warrant Officer I109500+20% Pistol Damage
32Warrant Officer II114000+1 Flash Grenade (3 Total)
33Warrant Officer III118500+20% Assault Damage
34Chief Warrant Officer I123000MN106 Camo
35Chief Warrant Officer II132000LOL
36Chief Warrant Officer III141000+20% Shotgun Damage
37Command Sergeant I150000+20% SMG Damage
38Command Sergeant II159000+20% LMG Damage
39Command Sergeant III168000Mac11 Silenced
402nd Lieutenant I177000Rare, Medium, or Well-done?
412nd Lieutenant II183000+20% Snipers Damage
422nd Lieutenant III189000+100% Max Ammo
431st Lieutenant I195000+25% Reload Speed
441st Lieutenant II201000MN106 Silenced
451st Lieutenant III210000No offense <3
46Captain I225000-40% Recoil
47Captain II240000+20% Movement Speed
48Captain III255000MP5 Silenced
49Major I270000+50% Accuracy
50Major II285000I'm so awesome!
51Major III300000+50% Health Regen
52Lieutenant Colonel I330000AK47 Silenced
53Lieutenant Colonel II360000+20% Max Health
54Lieutenant Colonel III390000+30% Pistol Damage
55Colonel I420000Mad Man!
56Colonel II450000+30% Assault Damage
57Colonel III495000+30% Shotgun Damage
58Brigadier General I540000+30% SMG Damage
59Brigadier General II585000+30% LMG Damage
60Brigadier General III630000Total carnage!
61Major General I690000+30% Snipers Damage
62Major General II750000+150% Max Ammo
63Major General III900000+50% Reload Speed
64Lieutenant General I1050000-60% Recoil
65Lieutenant General II1200000La crème de la crème!
66Lieutenant General III1350000+30% Movement Speed
67General I1500000+75% Accuracy
68General II1650000+30 Max Health
69General III1800000+200% Max Ammo
70General of the Army2250000I'm the General of the Army!
71Commander2625000Golden Pistol
72Chief Commander3000000AK47 Gold
73Director of Operations I3750000
74Director of Operations II4500000
75Director of Operations III
76Drone Pilot I
77Drone Pilot II
78Drone Pilot III
79Nation Commander I
80Nation Commander II
81Nation Commander III
82World President