Razor Squad
The Razor squad is a special operations force composed of the best members of the American armed forces. Based in the Middle East and comprises of Sergeant Anderson, Warrant Officer Starks, Sergeant McCarthy and Sergeant Rollins. Its members serve as the principal protagonists of Modern Combat 2, where their main objective is to keep protect candidate Azimi, but in the end kill him. On day 35 of Operation Troika, its members infiltrated Pablo's mansion. Notably, Sergeant Rollins was killed by a grenade during the operation.

List of MembersEdit

  • Warrant Officer Starks - appears to act as the commanding officer of the Razor Squad. You only see him twice in the game; at the beginning of To the Embassy Pt.1 and in Embassy Assault
  • Sergeant Anderson - Playable character who participates in all of the Razor Squad's missions. Anderson kills Pablo in the last mission.
  • Sergeant Rollins - A polite solider who fights along side you the most. He is later killed by a grenade.
  • Sergeant McCarthy - Is a member of Warant Officer Stark's Razor Squad.


Assault RiflesEdit

  • MN106 R.D.S

Submachine GunsEdit

  • MP5

Machine GunsEdit

  • M2HB Barrel Machine Gun


  • Bennelli M4, S1 Custom

Sniper RiflesEdit

  • M40A3


  • Desert Eagle


  • Sgt Anderson is later promoted to WO1 in Modern Combat 3.
  • Anderson and Stark later are the only surviving members in MC3.