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A Red Dot Sight is a type of reflex sight that specifically uses a Red Dot Laser on the middle as a reticle and precise aim. It appears as an attachment in Modern Combat 2. The design is modeled after the EOTech 551 Holographic Sight.

Single PlayerEdit

In the level 'Tracking the Supplier Pt.1', a red dot sight is attached to Newman's MN106 Camo.


In Modern Combat 2, the Red Dot Sight is available for only the MN106 assault rifle. When selected as a weapon attachment, the red dot sight replaces the weapon's iron sights. In multiplayer, the Red Dot Sight is obtained by getting to rank 24. The Red Dot Sight is popular because it allows full peripheral vision and is clearer and easier to use than iron sights. However, the Red Dot Sight does not actually increase the weapon's accuracy.