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The S1 Custom is a pump-action shotgun featured in Modern Combat 2. It is based off the SPAS-12 shotgun with a pistol grip and no shoulder stock. The S1 Custom appears frequently in several campaign levels. Its range is regarded as long in terms of a shotgun in both the singleplayer and multiplayer. In multiplayer, it is the first shotgun available to the player. The S1 Custom is the only pump action shotgun in the game the other shotgun(Benelli M4) is semi-automatic. The internal magazine capacity is 7 shells.

Advantages Edit

- decent range

- decent damage

-relatively high internal magazine capacity.


- high visual recoil

- slow reload


This weapon is rather under used on account of the fact that it is not semi auto, and the player usually dies because of the slow rate of fire. However, it is not completly useless. Using the damage perk with this weapon and standing in a room with a veiw of a medium to short hallway in facility can prove deadly. Especialy if there is not very many oponents. If you can avoid being swarmed and use the damage perk to make it a 1-hit kill, then flanking around the back of the oponent and picking them off one by one can prove more effective than storming them with benelli or RPG in facility. Also, this shotgun is better for maps like jungle and warehouse than bennelli. Since the shot is packed tighter, if your a good aim and your close to the oponent with damage perk, they don't stand a chance.