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Razor Squad




30 August 1985


Benelli M4, MP5, any weapon picked up in the campaign.

Sergeant Anderson (born August 30, 1985) is a playable character and the main protagonist in the early part of Modern Combat 2. He is a member of the Razor Squad .


Anderson is introduced in the mission "To the Embassy Pt.1" helping escort candidate Azimi through enemy territory in the Middle East. Anderson takes a sniping position from the rooftops and then uses his M40A3 to takee out as all the enemies and destroys barricades. He then takes out a tank using an RPG. Sergeant Rollins manages to mount the turret from the tank onto their convoy, so that Anderson hop on board. The Razor squad continued their mission, and due to encountering a helicopter had to take a detour. Once they have reached the embassy, it gets attacked, meaning they have to recapture it. Anderson is sent to locations to rescue hostages before heading back to the garden where Azimi has captured Rollins. Azimi is taken down. Anderson next appears in the last two missions, where the squad are sent to take down Pablo. He and Rollins infiltrate the Villa and find the translator, only for Rollins to get killed as Anderson heads for Pablo, who is escaping into a shanty town. Anderson tracks down Pablo in the town before confronting him. Anderson takes down Pablo and is rescued by Starks and Mcarthy


•He is the only playable character that we know what he looks like.

•Although he isn't heard speaking, it appears he is, as the non playable charecters reaction hint he is. e.g; after securing the panic room in 'Embassy assault', Starks says "Panic Room secure? Good", as in confirming an answer.

• He appears to be a support gunner, a sniper and a shotgunner at different points in the game