The Spam-4 is the shotgun that appears in the resistance in multiplayer. It is the same as the Benelli M4 except it drops the red shells on the side. It is stronger then the S1 custom, has higer rate of fire (semi auto), has more rounds ,and gets better ranges. To unlock the Spam-4 you have to get to rank 14.

Benelli M4

The beneli M4 Identical to Spam 4 excepth withouth the red bullets on the side


  • Usually kills in 1 to 4 hits depending on distance.
  • Is semi automatic.
  • Gets get ranges for a shotgun.


  • Only 4 rounds.
  • Not accurate (But is a shotgun so its not supposed to be).
  • Reload time is slow to average.
  • High recoil


  • Very effective with either extra shotgun damage, Lower recoil, More rounds, and less reload time abilities.
  • Very effective in CQB (close quarters combat) battlefileds such as the facility.
  • Never use in long distance fields as this weapon has low range and few rounds