The Supressor is a weapon attachment available in Modern Combat 2. This attachment makes it harder to hear and locate the position of the shooter and also increases firearm accuracy; but as a disadvantage, the suppressor either reduces the range at which weapons do their maximum damage, reduces damage of the weapon as a whole, or decreases the damage done by the weapon at its longest range depending on what weapon the silencer is used with.

Single PlayerEdit

In single player when you shoot an enemy with a silencer, only that enemy will know about it. Silencers are attached to the MN106 in Oil Slick, Tracking the Supplier, the MP5 in Palace Invasion and the Beretta M9 in Oil Slick, and Tracking the Supplier. You can also find an AK-47 with a silencer in 'Tracking the Supplier.'


Silencers can be used on pistols (except the Desert Eagle), assault rifles, or submachine guns. The silencer also reduces shot loudness, muzzle flash, and effective bullet range.

The major disadvantage of the silencer is the reduction in damage over range. Damage over range is reduced to about 70% of its original value for submachine guns and pistols, and to less than 50% for assault rifles. It should be noted that at a 25m (or 1000 inch) range and beyond, bullets from a silenced assault rifle will be dealing their minimum damage, while an unsuppressed assault rifle will still be dealing maximum bullet damage. This emphasizes the use of suppressors as a close to mid range attachment. [1][2]A silencer, despite the range penalty, powerful and loud weapons such as the AK-47 can become somewhat more manageable with a silencer in certain situations. Such weapons are often plagued with being a combat magnet from the range at which they can be heard firing. With a suppressor, they become particularly devastating at mid range due to the stealth and sheer power.

Flanking the enemy may also be an effective technique, achieved by use of 'Movement Speed'. Silenced weapons are unlocked after the original weapons.