The Temple map is relatively small, and so very fast-paced. unlike other small maps, however, Temple is essentially an open arena with a door on both ends. There are small obstacles placed around the middle that work great for cover and concealment, but cannot be relied upon for long periods of time due to the open nature of the map. The biggest difference about the two halves is that one side opens up to a large forest area. it is easier to camp here if guarding a flag, but very difficult to schoot at a player running off with it. preferred camping points are on either side of the wall where it opens up, behind the large tree placed behind the flag (Although this is the first place an enemy wil toss a 'nade in) and inside one of the nooks in the side passageway.

The other half of the map opens up onto a passage that leads to a large courtyard with little to no cover. Snipers in the back of this area will not get much traffic, but when they do, that traffic will be getting some extra ventilation in their head. (Hint: Don't come back here.) A very little-used, but suprisingly effective camping stop is either behind the brush to the far right to the opening, or just inside the secondary entrance/exit to the left. using this, players can either spawncamp, killing the enemy when they come out of their side of the field into the central area, or to prevent the other team from getting to the flag.


I find the LMG and Assault rifles do best in this map, as it is still too enclosed for snipers to live up to their full potential, but too open for shotguns and SMGs (S1 Custom with Damage perk works well if you can play with the S1 at all).For the LMG users, you might as well abandon your dreams of capturing 50 flags in one game, because you're way too slow. For you, the name of the game is defence. find a nook where you have good lines of sight around the flag, and wait.

For Assault Rifle users, i prefer to use an AK-47 Silenced with 30% Assaults damage. The damage output of this gun, combined with it's low recoil, means you have the perfect base-stormer. Hang out around the exits, and then, when you think the flag is least guarded, toss in all your flashbangs, turn when they explode so you keep your vision, get the flag, take out any enemies, and run like hell. It really does work, too!

The S1 Custom user (or occasionally the Benelli if the S1 isn't your style) should stick to enclosed corridors, where their guns will be most effective. remember, if you camp, never stay in one place for too long!