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Pablo's TranslatorEdit

""Your sick, you know that!?" -The translators reaction to what he's told to translate by Pablo in the opening cutscene.

He is seen in the begining cutscene and in palace invasion.
He caries no means of weaponry that you get to see, exept when "Detained" by Anderson.  He might also be a financial advisor for Pablo, as in palace invasion he is seen dealing with wads of cash in pablos safe. 

He is captured in 'Palace invasion' but escapes after Rollins is killed, an event it's unknown if he's involved with. He's not seen or heard from again. He might not agree with Pablo's terrorism, as he says that Pablos "not worth it" |Box title = Translator |Row 1 title = Age: |Row 1 info = Mid 30's, early 40's |Row 2 title = Weapons: |Row 2 info = Beretta M9 |Row 3 title = Affiliations |Row 3 info = Pablo's terrorist organization |Row 4 title = Status |Row 4 info = Unknown}}