Warehouse is the largest map in Modern Combat 2, being slightly bigger than the map "Temple." Warehouse is a multiplayer map set in Eastern Europe and based on the sixth campaign mission. Warehouse is based off the area that Nikkitich stored weapon shipments.

In this guide I will not get into straegies for the different game modes on this map, rather i give you advice that is not subjective to the game mode. ([is my map]) 


the best weapons for the map are LMG, MN106, Shotgun, and sniper, I will show some good sniping spots next. With a shotgun it is best to hug to the walls and avoid open spaces. LMG and MN106 can pretty much be used with impunity in this map.


1. A good spot, as long as you remember to move north-south to get different veiws around the pillars.

3. Is a decent place to snipe with medium traffic. Good if your in capture the flag on Resistance.

5. A high traffic high risk sniping spot, good if you in CTF on army.

Treyflix map


4. A High traffic, popular spot to camp. especialy good in CTF on army. Bad spot in battle.

6. My personal favorite. excelent spot in heavy Team Battles and CTF. Ideal for battle.

7. This spot is okay in TB and CTF, but VERY good in Defuse the bomb, no matter which side your on.

9. Excellent spot for camping in CTF, middling in TB. (good spot to hide with the flag if your on Resistance)


(spots to hide with the flag if the other team has captured yours while you wait for your team to rescue the flag)

2. An excellent spot for army (#6 is as well.)

8. Pretty much the only spot for resistance.

10. Not as close to the flag, but a unexpected spot to choose for either side.