Weapon Camouflage is a colored pattern applied to weapons to allow them to blend in to certain environments. Camouflages can be applied to the MN106, AK-47, and Desert Eagle. Camouflaged weapons are more powerful than original weapons without Weapon Camouflage.

Types of CamouflageEdit

Arctic CamouflageEdit

A camouflage based on white and gray colors, only available to the MN106. It is seen on the MN106 in 'Tracking the Supplier Pt.1' in and worn by the Mustangs in 'Tracking the Supplier' and 'To the Summit'. It is a multiplayer camouflage option.

Golden CamouflageEdit

A gold plated camouflage. There are two weapons that can equip the Golden Camouflage, being the Desert Eagle and AK-47. They are acquired when you reach rank 71 and 72.